CISVic 2022 Training and Network Calendar (now available)


CISVic Member Training (NEW and UPDATED)

COVID-19 has meant that we need to look differently at how training is delivered to our members. CISVic has some online training opportunities that we have made available to our members for free, and we encourage you all to make the most of this convenient and accessible service delivery. 

Step 1. Look through the training below to better inform your selection. 

Step 2. Either complete the online registration form or click directly to the other non-CISVic training on offer.

Step 3. Please wait for us to send through further information about accessing the training. 

CISVic Online Training 

Online Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training

CISVic has invested in some online Cultural Awareness training and provides it free to our member agency staff and volunteers. An excellent opportunity to become culturally aware and competent when working and engaging with Indigenous Australians.
The online training will give you:

  • A deeper understanding of Indigenous culture and how it impacts your workplace, community and your approach as a volunteer, employee or organisation, 
  • Key skills and knowledge on how to engage Indigenous individuals in the workplace and how to communicate with Indigenous community members; and 
  • The ability to identify cultural gaps and the knowledge on how to influence and contribute to Indigenous reconciliation in the workplace and the wider community.

Click HERE to register and access the training. 

Working with Interpreter Training Webinar

CISVic's interpreter training has moved online. This recorded webinar provides participants with the skills and knowledge to successfully communicate with clients using interpreters.

In this training, you will be provided with: 

  • An understanding of the importance of interpreters and how to access them,
  • Information about the different language services,
  • Skills to ensure that an interview with an interpreter runs smoothly; and
  • Ways of responding if the interview doesn’t seem to be going well.

Click HERE to register and access the training. 

CISVic's Online Portal training 

This 40-minute training video on how to use the CISVic Portal, a database used by CISVic Emergency Relief Consortia agencies, is a detailed step by step guide on the basics. The CISVic Portal is more than just a register or way to collect data for reporting purposes; it is a tool that can help us in providing holistic support to those accessing services.  

Click HERE to register and access the training. 

Energy Simplified

Following last year's Energy Simplified training, Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) is continuing to equip workers to support households with their energy bills through an online free webinar series. Get equipped and help your clients take back control of their energy bills in four easy steps.

You’ll get expert:

  • insights into the four practical steps that people can take to reduce their bills
  • information on the support that’s available to help anyone having trouble with their bill
  • answers to your questions with a live Q and A at the end of the webinar
Coming Soon!


Other Free Online Training 

COVID-19 Infection Control 

This free online training course is recommended for all staff and volunteers at CISVic member agencies.
The Department of Health has partnered with Aspen Medical, who have developed this online COVID-19 training.
The training covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control of COVID-19.

Click HERE to read more.


This free online training course is recommended for staff and volunteers at agencies that provide fresh and non-perishable food items. 
DoFoodSafely is a free, non-accredited, online learning program provided by the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria and proudly supported by Queensland Health and South Australia Health.
DoFoodSafely is designed to enable you to understand how to safely work with and handle food in commercial settings. 

Click HERE to read more. 

QPR Suicide Prevention Training

QPR stands for Question, Persuade and Refer – the three simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. QPR free online training will provide you with:

  • Knowledge and skills to identify warning signs that someone may be suicidal
  • Confidence to talk to them about suicidal thoughts
  • Assistance to connect them with professional care

Click your region for more information and to register: 
Gippsland - North, West or Inner suburbs of Melbourne - Everywhere else 

Family Violence Training

  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria's online learning package, Family Violence Foundations - build the foundational knowledge you need to prevent, identify and respond to family violence. Click here.
  • AVERT Family Violence - an innovative, multi-disciplinary free online training package responding effectively to family violence. Designed for workers at all levels within the community services, health, family law and human services sectors. The training provides sound and practical information for responding appropriately and promoting safety for all involved. Click here.
  • DV-alert - Domestic and Family Violence Response Training (DV-alert) is a free online national training program designed for health, allied health, educational, childcare, and community support frontline workers. Click here.