Submissions & Reports

CISVic Submission to Cost of Living Inquiry - Feb 23 

CISVic Submission to Productivity Commission National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA) Review - Mar 22

CISVic Response to Health Department Survey - Mar 22

Submission Responding to Social Housing Regulation Review Interim Report - Feb 22

Submission to Essential Services Commission’s Energy payment difficulty framework implementation review    -   Nov 21

CISVic Submission to Victorian Budget 2022-2023 - Oct 21

CISVic Submission to the Independent Review of the Regulation for Social and Affordable Housing - Sep 21

CISVic's National Plan feedback - July 21

Submission to Victorian Government 10 YEAR Housing Consultations - Apr 21

CISVic Submission to Federal Income Support Bill - Mar 21

Victorian Oral Health Alliance - Budget Submission - Feb 21

CISVic Submission to Inquiry into Homelessness in Australia - June 20

CISVic Submission to Federal Senate Inquiry into Australia's Response to COVID-19 - May 20

CISVic Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelesness - Jan 20

CISVic Submission to the Adequacy of Newstart and Related Payments... Senate Inquiry - September 2019

CISVic Submission to the Mental Health Royal Commission - July 2019 

CISVic Submission to Social Security Commission Bill 2018 - March 2019

CISVic Letter of Support for Marriage Equality - September 2017

CISVic Submission to the Essential Services Commission, Payment Difficulty Framework - June 2017

Joint letter regarding the DSS Data Exchange Client Survey Discussion Paper - March 2017

CISVic Submission to DSS, FWC Redesign - March 2017

CISVic Submission to the Independent Review of the Victorian Energy Markets - March 2017

Joint Submission to Transition to Metering Competition in Victoria Options Paper - November 2016

CISVic Submission to RTA Review, Dispute Resolution Issues Paper - June 2016

CISVic Submission to the Gender Equality Strategy - February 2016

CISVic Submission to the Inquiry into Portability of Long Service Leave Entitlements - August 2015

CISVic Submission to the Residential Tenancies Act Review - July 2015

CISVic Submission to The Education State - July 2015

CISVic Submission to Government School Funding Review - July 2015

CISVic Letter Endoring Marriage Equality - June 2015

CUAC Submission to Inquiry into the Financial Hardship Arrangements of Energy Retailers, Endorsed by CISVic - May 2015 

Verbal Submission to the Essential Services Commission Hardship Review - April 2015

Joint NGO Submission to the second Universal Periodic Review of Australia 2015, Endorsed by CISVic - March 2015

Joint Submission to EWON Prepayment Meter Discussion Paper - August 2014

Justice Connect Submission regarding ACNC Replacement Arrangements, Endorsed by CISVic - August 2014

CISVic Submission to Welfare Reform Interim Report - August 2014

Joint Submission to ESC Harmonisation Energy Retail Code & Guidelines - August 2013

CISVic Submission regarding the National Financial Literacy Strategy - June 2013

Joint Submission regarding Price Review 2013 - May 2013

CISVic Submission regarding Victoria Service Sector Reform - April 2013

Joint Submission to ESC Victoria Harmonised Energy Retail Code - February 2013

Joint Submission to ESC Customer Services Code Review - November 2012

Joint Submission with Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service to the Senate Inquiry into the Allowance Payment System for Jobseekers and Others - August 2012

Joint Submission regarding Proposed Reforms to Small Credit Contracts - May 2012

CISVic Response to Draft Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code - November 2011

CISVic Submission to ACMA regarding Calls to freephone and local rate numbers - November 2011

Letter to federal government for Equal Pay Funding Commitment - June 2011

PILCH Submission to Inquiry into the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities; CISVic Endorsement - June 2011

Submission to FaHCSIA regarding review of Financial Management Program - November 2010


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