Letter of Appreciation for announchment of investment in public, social and affordable housing - 16 / 11/ 2020

Radio Segment 3CR (7/08/20)

Gavin highlights how quickly you can become homeless and how it changed his life when he found stable housing again after navigating the system. With unemployment on the rise, homelessness is a very real concern facing more people than ever.
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Media Release: The COVID supplement needs to be retained 21/07/20

Radio Segment 3CR (27/03/2020)
Our very own Kate Wheller, Executive Officer CISVic, speaks with Jacques from Think Again on 3CR about the effect of the coronavirus on the community welfare sector. Kate talks about the effect of the coronavirus on volunteering, especially as many volunteers are older and are particularly vulnerable. Despite this, most member agencies continue to provide assistance for community members, but not face-to-face.

Letter to The Age, published 06 March 2020 : Money where it’s needed
The Morrison government is set to deliver an economic stimulus package, as mortgage holders fail to splash their cash following interest rate cuts. (The Age, 4/3). One sure way to stimulate the economy is to raise Newstart and similar Centrelink payments. More money in the pockets of people struggling below the poverty line will quickly find its way into shops, businesses and local economies. At the same time, it would be a much fairer distribution of our shared wealth and lighten the burden of many people, including children, who are doing their best to survive. (6/3/20)

Media Release: Flashmob for free education for all kids 03/03/2020

Letter to The Age, published 30 November 2018 : Urgent support needed for disadvantaged
It is not surprising that better performing primary schools are largely in well-off inner Melbourne areas. It is well-known that education outcomes are closely associated with social advantage or disadvantage. While family background is undoubtedly important, so is being able to afford basic educational expenses. Every day parents present at our community information and support agencies for help to pay school costs such as books, computers, and excursions. Many agencies say the demand is only increasing.

As a matter of urgency we need to give more support to students and schools that are disadvantaged. Public education should be affordable for all Victorian families, so that every child has the best chance to succeed and flourish.
Kate Wheller, Executive Officer, Community Information and Support Victoria

Petition - Request to raise Newstart (October 2019)