members in the media

1 July 2021 - Win News, Shepperton Family and Financial Services - A new children's art exhibition is helping indigenous families needing financial support. 

6 August 2018 - The News, Mornigton Peninsula - Mornington Community Information and Support Centre - Two of the agency's volunteers celebrate five years of serving meals to those in need on the Mornington Peninsula. 

8 Jan 2016 – Channel Ten’s The Project ( - Pensioner Poverty. One third of Australian pensioners live below the poverty line. CEO of Doncare, Doreen Stoves speaks with The Project about the struggles of older Australians to make end meet, including real life experiences of people they have assisted through Doncare.  

30 September 2015 - SBS News - Whittlesea Community Connections - Ten young Iranian men have graduated from Team Respect, a ten week respectful relationships education program that combines learning and discussion around the topics of gender, respect, relationships and violence with weekly indoor soccer sessions. It is led by Whittlesea Community Connections in partnership with The Salvation Army and Women’s Health in the North. 

28 July 2015 - Western Port News - Mornington Community Information and Support Centre, Southern Peninsula Community Support and Information Centre, Western Port Community Support 

20 July 2015 - Star Weekley, Northern - Whittlesea Community Connections and Countrywide Community Missions Victoria