Working for Victoria

Numbers and text on a purple background. Text: "56 new staff including Full-time Case Workers & Support Workers recruited across 25 member agencies. Thank you!"

During the pandemic, CISVic member agencies lost the majority of their volunteers. Volunteers tend to be in the age group most vulnerable to COVID-19 and understandably many could not safely participate in frontline work. As a sector, we rely heavily on our amazing volunteer workforce and this loss posed a significant challenge - especially during a crisis where new and complex support needs were arising within the community.

⭐ Cue the #WorkingForVictoria initiative! ⭐

The initiative allowed us to recruit 56 new staff employed across 25 member agencies, with most of these being full time Case Workers and Support Workers. These recruits filled the gap and more, providing incredible resources and skills at a time of critical need.

As the initiative comes to an end, we'll be taking the time to reflect on the incredible impact it has had and all we've been able to achieve.

For now, thank you to everyone involved: all the wonderful recruits, the powerhouse of a team behind them, and the Victorian State Government!

Stay tuned for more!

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