Federal Election Asks 2022

This federal election, CISVic is calling on all candidates to commit to a number of key asks.

Funding for Workers

  • Provide funding for professional staff in every agency to support delivery of the Emergency Relief program.


  • Build at least 25,000 new social housing properties each year to develop a housing pipeline that will address current waiting lists and the projected demand. the supply of affordable rental housing in Australia is inadequate.
  • The current shortfall of social housing is estimated to be 433,400 properties, growing by 727,200 by 2026

School Costs

  • Fund public schools to a minimum of 100% of the School Resource Standard which is the minimum funding needed to give every child the greatest opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of their background.
  • Include fully funded loadings for students with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students from low-SES background, rural and remote students, and students requiring English language support.

Centrelink Payments

  • Lift all income support payments to at least $69 a day.
    • index payments to wages as well as prices to maintain their value over time
  • Ensure there are supplementary payments that meet specific needs.
    • Increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 50%
    • Provide a Disability and Illness Supplement of at least $50 a week
    • Provide a Single Parent Supplement that recognises the costs of single parenthood.


  • Establish a Dental Benefits Scheme, making dental care more accessible to all Australians on Health Care Cards.

Asylum Seekers

  • Provide Medicare, income support, employment, mental health and other vital services to all people seeking asylum.

View our summary document here.

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