Membership application

There are a number of categories of CISVic membership which includes full and provisional membership; associate membership; and individual membership. Information provision is a core requirement for CISVic membership.

Benefits are many and varied.  Please take a look at our Fact Sheet Membership Benefits

Application process

  1. Application form is received with supporting documentation.
  2. Application is considered by the CISVic Board for approval, including any follow-up queries. Board meets every 2 months.
  3. Once approved, CISVic notifies DHHS (CISVic’s funding body) of new membership.
  4. CISVic will notify VMIA of new member, and VMIA will issue Certificate of Currency.

Application documents

Fact Sheet - Member Obligations

Application form

Membership Category Annual Fee    

Full/Provisional Member >$1M: $385   

Full/Provisional Member $100K-$1M: $330   

Full/Provisional Member <$100K: $220   

Associate Member (NFP): $330   

Associate Member (Corporate): $550   

Individual Member (Student/Concession): $55  

Individual Member (Other): $110   

Guest Member/Honorary Life Member: No fee applies

If you are interested in becoming a CISVic member, please send your expression of interest to