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List of current CISVic Members - as of Sept 2018 

Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre shares information about how the organisation operates as well as practical tips on recognizing the important work of volunteers and understanding your role as a Volunteer Manager. To find out more about this wonderful agency please click here

Whittlesea Community Connections (WCC) provides a range of services and programs designed to increase community participation, build community connections and address disadvantage in the City of Whittlesea. For more information about this wonderful agency click here

The Southern Peninsula Community Support and Information Centre (SPCSIC) serves the needs of the local community through the provision of a high quality support, information and referral service to members of the Southern Mornington Peninsula community. To read about SPCSIC's reflections and response to the changed landscape within the emergency relief sector click here. To find out more about the Secondary School Assistance Program, established by SPCSIC to ensure a holistic approach to better meet the needs of local school childrensome of hat the agency has been up to recently, click here.