School Costs for Disadvantaged Kids - Donate

Our #schoolCOSTS survey "The Stress, The Strain & The Pain' revealed how unaffordable education costs are impacting families and students. A staggering 84% of families surveyed were struggling with school costs. Our research tells us that low income families always struggle with education costs - school uniforms, books, stationery and devices.

No kids should miss out on a quality education. Your donation will help us support low income families with school costs so disadvantaged kids aren't left behind.

The impact of COVID-19 has only exacerbated the problem. Home-schooling put a spotlight on the digital divide. However. our report shows this was an issue long before the pandemic and it will continue until the Victoria Government provides adequate funding to deliver the standard cirriculum - this needs to cover ALL items needed for students to participate in it, including technology, electives and excursions.

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