The CISVic Model

If you need help for any reason, there is help close to your home.

It might be money problems, health, alcohol or drugs, gambling, depression or anxiety; perhaps the fear of getting evicted. Or there might be violence at home.

You might have a member of your family who has a problem and doesn’t know where to lookfor help.

We can help

For free, and in complete privacy.

We have over 60 agencies who are members of CISVic across Melbourne and the rest of
Victoria. Your local agency can offer a range of support services whether the problem is large or small.

You can  download a full List of Member Agency Contact Information.

How we help

Whether it’s information – on anything and everything – or just helping filling in forms, we’re happy to help.

You are not alone

Sometimes, just talking about it helps. We’re here to help you fix the things that are worrying you, for free and in complete privacy.
No problem is too big,no problem is too small.

Emergency relief

If you or your family is in crisis, many of our agencies can can provide emergency relief with food, food vouchers, travel cards, petrol vouchers, assistance with bills, rent and medicines.

Your local agency can provide information, advocacy, budgeting assistance, financial and personal counselling. They may act on your behalf, for example to seek an extension for a utility bill or arranging a payment plan.

To get help straight away, simply find your nearest member agency.