Innovations Award

Innovations Award 2016

Proudly sponsored by Community Data Solutions

The purpose of this award is to recognise innovative practice of member agencies.

The Innovations Award recognises organisations that have demonstrated significant innovation in the design and/or delivery of services. The award is a critical component of CISVic’s mission to promote members and the work they do.

Any member organisation may be nominated for the award. The service innovations in question could be internal (i.e. of value to the organisations internal operations) or external (i.e. of value to external stakeholder including service users). The innovations of interest include program innovations (new ways of delivering services), technological or managerial (novel organisation structures, novel interventions to influence organisation culture and so on).

Nominations for the inaugural Innovations Award open 15/07/16 and close 19/08/16.

Innovations Award nomination forms can be found here.