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There is a lack of affordable housing for people on low incomes. Rents have gone through the roof in recent years, putting basic decent housing out of reach for too many people and families. We urgently need more social and public housing in Victoria to combat homelessness. This project was established to influence the Victorian Government to commit to a steady pipeline of 70,000 new homes over the next 10 years, including a substantial proportion of public housing

People across Victoria have contributed to our origami art piece, which consists of 7000 origami houses - a symbol of how many new homes we need in Victoria every year for the next 10 years. This artwork has been installed in multiple locations across Greater Melbourne and is now coming to the end of its journey. The process of moving repeatedly had an impact and the work began to fracture and need repairs. As the artwork travelled from shelter to shelter, the strings of origami have gotten a bit tangled and the wooden frame a little wobbly.  We’ve done our best to repair as we go but each location came with unique challenges, some more exposed to the elements than others. Without a permanent place to call home, the cycle of moving, fracturing and repairing will continue.  

This cycle is a reminder of what homeless people face every day.

In a final poignant statement the installation was set up outdoors at Gasworks Arts Park, fully exposed to the elements and at the mercy of passers-by. While we’d hoped the installation would last much longer, in an organic example of how tough life is for homeless people exposed to the weather it deteriorated in a matter of days. In its devastated state, the installation showcased what it really means to be left shivering in the elements. 

"For me, it's the perfect convergence of the power of art and social justice. We felt very fortunate to be able to host the origami house installation for a short time in our parklands – this ephemeral yet powerful message about community support. It makes the message more potent, such is the beating that nature can give for people without a roof over their heads." - Tracey McIrvine, Visual Arts Manager, Gasworks Arts Park

We're so grateful for every single person who was involved in this campaign. This journey has been an incredible one and we know it will continue to make an impact. Help us convince the Victorian Government to commit to building more social and public housing, get involved below. 

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Campaign materials

Everything you need to know about the campaign, including origami instructions can be downloaded here.

We've also created a 'School's Pack' with the help of two Victorian primary school teachers. This pack is designed to assist teachers by providing information about the campaign, a sample lesson plan, and educational material about housing and homelessness that teachers can adapt to share with their students. 

Download the school pack here.

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