2022 Federal Election Scorecard

With the Federal election just around the corner, we wanted to take a closer look at how the major parties align with our Election Key Asks.

Our Asks are based on the frontline experiences of our member agencies and the experiences of our peer organisations. We believe that implementing these Asks will improve the experiences of our community and our sector.  
In order to clearly understand which of the major parties best align with our Asks, and therefore, which party is most likely to implement our Asks if elected, we have created a scorecard.  
In grading party policies against our Asks, we aimed to think about whether the policies that each party are offering will fulfil or exceed our asks in any way. In some cases, we have included policies that may not address our Asks specifically, but broadly cover our requests. (For the Liberal Party, this relates to new policies as they are currently in government).

Disclaimer: Policy information is accurate as of 4/05/2022. Please check party websites for up-to-date policies. CISVic does not endorse any political party.