The Last Safety Net

CISVic member agencies provide emergency relief services to local people who experience personal and financial difficulties. 

Some of this work is funded by the Department of Social Services.  CISVic have produced a snapshot of this critical service: Helping those on 'Struggle Street' and Ending the stopgap.

In the lead-up to the May Federal Budget, CISVic calls on the Government to retain current funding levels for this critical service: Peak body calls for Federal Government to commit to retaining “Last Safety Net” funding.

How you can help
Support us in our campaign by writing letter to Minister for Social Services, Kevin Andrews MP.

You can download these letters, sign them and send them to:

The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

PO Box 124

Doncaster VIC 3108

Community member - Last Safety Net Letter to Minister Andrews

If you are a client who previously received support from an emergency relief service, please tell your story to the Minister so that he could see the people behind the numbers.  We have drafted a letter that may help you write your story - Last Safety Net Letter to Minister Andrews

Community worker - Last Safety Net Letter to Minister Andrews

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