Education Costs

Education costs are increasing for Australian households.  If you are struggling financially and looking for ways to get some support for education costs for your family, below are some links to services and programs that help vulnerable families to get the best education outcomes for their children.

CISVic member agencies - some member agencies provide support to families through their 'Back to School' 

If you need help with school expenses and related costs, contact an agency closest to you.

The Victorian government have a range of programs to assist with support for families with children in schools.

The Camps, Sports and Excursions fund - This provides payment support for students who are eligible to attend
camps, sports and excursions. For families that have a valid concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply.

State Schools’ Relief - This could cover the costs of new
school uniforms, shoes, books and more for students who 

are experiencing disadvantage. It is important that this program primarily responds to principals, vice-principals and welfare coordinators so for parents who wish to access these
supports it would 
be a good idea to make an appointment
with the school to discuss the application.

Student Scholarships - These are accessible for students based on their academic achievement, participation in
school and local community or financial need but not restricted to these categories.

There are several community based assistance programs and resources for families and students including;

School Breakfast Clubs - Foodbank, Australian Red Cross and Ardoch Youth Foundation are a few of the organisations that assist schools throughout Victoria with the provision of a breakfast club for their students.

Brotherhood of St Laurence - HIPPY Program is a free, home-based program helping children and parents get ready for school.

Saver Plus - In collaboration with ANZ the Brotherhood of St Laurence assist individuals and families with lower incomes to improve saving habits.

The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program - Financial support, guidance and mentoring for students who are experiencing disadvantage.

Travellers Aid Australia’s Pathways to Education Program – Assists students who are experiencing financial difficulties by providing travel cards that help with travelling to or from school or other forms of education.

A Start in Life - Based in NSW this charity organisation provides assistance to disadvantages students from kindergarten to tertiary studies. 

Ardoch Youth Foundation - download School Costs Guide and information where to get help.