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At our 2016 AGM, CISVic had the fortune to hear from Merle Mitchell, who was instrumental in leading the growth of Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureaux (now South East Community Links) in the 1980s and 1990s to become a key community, grass roots service in the south-east region. 

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The Cashless Debit Card Trial

On 15 March 2016, the Federal Government announced a trial of the cashless card trial in Ceduna, South Australia. Co-designed with community leaders, alcohol and drug and other services, the card will be issued to all working age income support recipients, and looks like any other bank card. It is aimed at ensuring that a sizeable portion of people’s income is spent on basic needs.


Amnesty fee waiver campaign

In 2014-2015 5.32 million infringement notices were issued in Victoria. For those experiencing hardship, issuing agencies may offer the option of paying by instalment payment plans. Infringement notices that impacts most significantly on disadvantaged people are:

Voices without Words Campaign

Today CISVic, FCRC and South East Community Links launched "Voices without Words", a campaign seeking funds for access to interpreter services for already financially strained community organisations.

Access to interpreters should not be a barrier to service or place a financial burden on community organisations.

Recent changes to funding have put this essential service at risk as federally-funded Emergency Relief and Financial Counselling services are now required to fund access to interpreters themselves.

2014 DSS Grant Process Review

In 2014, the Federal Department of Social Services (DSS) Grant Program (which funds emergency relief, settlement services, volunteering among other social services) was simplified and streamlined and a competitive tender process was implemented for a range of services.


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