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Welcome to the CISVic Blog, where we keep members updated about the broader social and policy environments and provide commentary on how it is affecting our members, their communities and vulnerable people they help. 

17 March 2016: This month, the Federal Government announced a trial of the welfare cashless card in Ceduna, South Australia. Co-designed with community leaders, alcohol and drug and other services, the card will be issued to all working age income support recipients, and looks like any other bank card. It is aimed at ensuring that a sizeable portion of people’s income is spent on basic needs. The Welfare Cashless Card post provides an overview of the trial and its controversial implementation.

03 March 2016: The 2014 DSS Grants Process was the subject of a Senate Inquiry after a series of delays, confusion and poor communication between the Department of Social Services, stakeholders and grant applicants. DSS responded to some of the recommendations made following the Inquiry, and tabled the responses in Parliament in February 2016. The 2014 DSS Grants Process Review post outlines the responses and outcomes from this process.